Decision made

lg_P1130187After much consideration and pondering, I will not be renewing the domain on this blog.  At this stage, I am just going to let it sit rather than close it completely.  I believe it will revert to my original “free” domain name of

I moved to WordPress from Blogger 6 years ago, and in those 6 years, my life has changed hugely.

A fair bit of that change  I can thank the relationships and friendships I made through this platform for.

But life continues to move forward and as I said in my last post, I just don’t come here enough anymore.

As I have said before, you can continue to connect with me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  All of those are linked on the side bar.

Thank you for all the good stuff, the learning and the laughs.

Keep smiling and appreciating the little things that make you happy, step out of your comfort zone and try new stuff often.

Life is short and often unexpected.

with love xx


PS before I go, here are a few pics of some of the awesome things I saw and did in New Zealand

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All good things..

There has been a lot of words left here in the past 6 or 7 years.

Happy, sad, frustrated, joyful.

A lot of drama and a lot of celebration.

Adventures small and large.

Friends, made, lost..

and Art.

For here is where I found my art.

WordPress has reminded me that my subscription for this blog comes up for renewal in October.

And once again I am unsure what path to take.

I don’t come here very often anymore.

It’s not the first place I think to share my art and my life.

And while sometimes I find myself composing posts in my head as I drive to work.. they never seem to make the page.

Life just keeps moving forward.

Two weeks until our next big adventure to New Zealand

When I started the blog, I was hidden.  It was separate and anonymous.  A place I could write whatever I needed to say.

But I grew, and changed and found my true self and I no longer felt the need to hide behind a pseudonym.

And I no longer felt the need to blurt to strangers, I guess.

At least about personal stuff…

I don’t like leaving doors open as I pass through them.

But even with all this musing, I am not closing this one yet, despite my hand hovering on the door knob.

I have til October.

I still have time to decide.


Still trying to decide if this is finished too..

with hugs, smiles, and love.


July 2017

Its mid morning here, the rain is falling and I am fighting the gloom of my studio with my fancy chrome IKEA light while I wait for paint to dry.

Its been  while since I actually took time to paint before work, but this is a spontaneous fun project with a deadline and so instead of perhaps cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming the cat fluff, I am sitting here with blue paint on my wedding ring and splatters of white across my thumb.

Winter rains have finally arrived and some bright spark at the archery club decided that the annual presentation dinner would be more fun themed.  Beach Party.  Loud tropical style clothing essential.  Bathing suits optional, unless you want a good case of pneumonia and frost bite.  It’s officially chilly Down Under.

So when it is too cold to wear the swimwear, you improvise.  Hence today’s artistic endeavours.

.Not finished but you get the idea, the type of fairground cutouts where you pop your head over the body and take photos.  If I get it finished in time…..

Yeah yeah, skin tones as so wrong its hilarious, but you try painting on large sheets of corrugated cardboard with quick drying acrylic paint and see how well you do..

On a serious art side though, I am doing another pet portrait.

Here is where I am up to.  When all done, I possibly will post a slide show of the progress.  Plenty of tweaking still to do.  Not happy with the mouth but that can be fixed.


His name is “Avon” and he is a friend’s assistance dog.  Lovely ol fella and I am really enjoying painting him.

Ok, onto big news.  Now you that know me on FB wont see this for a bit as we are keeping it a little quiet around certain members of the family (long story, boring, not important) but I have been planning an ADVENTURE.

And again it is kinda spontaneous.

Hubby and I are going to New Zealand for this years holiday.

10 nights touring the North Island and there is a huge possibility that I will even try Ziplining through the forest canopy at Rotorua.

Our itinerary includes Bay of Islands, the wine area of Napier, Auckland and finishing off in Wellington.  All with some fun and quirky accommodation booked.

Where the USA trip was all about my bucket list, this trip is ticking things off for Hubby.  (me too if I am honest).

So in just under 60 days, we are packing the bags, and giving the passports one last outing before they have to be renewed.

I’m excited.  There will be photos.  Most likely on Instagram first so make sure you follow me there.  (link on sidebar and you get all the art photos first too)

Ok, enough self pimping.  Rain has stopped and the sun is struggling through the clouds.  My coffee is nearly drunk and it’s time to clean up.

Wishing you all a great week.

Until we catch up again, keep smiling.

Life is good



Isn’t that a fabulous word and that pretty much describes May 2017.

It was a crazy month.  Filled with family, friends, hospital visits (wasn’t the patient), a touch of sinus (that was me) and a bit of art.

But it has come and gone now and things seem to be settling and I have even had the motivation to go for a walk this frosty morning.

It’s Monday.  Kids are still in bed, Hubby has left for the day and I probably should be cleaning the bathroom.  Yeah, no, not that motivated at this moment.

Of course, after the storm, when the chaos calms, I find myself reflective.

And seriously,

I’m too old for this shit.

A good friend, a bestie really, went down with a serious asthma attack, big time.  It was pretty scary to be honest, as I was the one who took her to the emergency room the first time.

I say first, as what followed was several trips to the hospital, with one even culminating in a 7 day stay as they struggled to control her breathing and get her well.

Blood tests, a test involving a wire into her heart (don’t ask me for the technical stuff), this drug, that drug, omg, it felt never ending, and I was only the one watching on.  Heart breaking at times and very stressful for everyone.

Hence my sinus thing but this really wasn’t about me.

I wasn’t the only girlfriend standing there helplessly watching the struggle.  I have a lovely circle of girlfriends at the moment, 5 of us in total who socialise and look out for each other.  We are all strong, loving women of similar age but all of us are different.

One is a super organiser, another a fighter and I am a bit of a doer.  And we all seem to click, especially over a glass of wine or three.

Sadly, as what can happen in times of stress, there were some misunderstandings, some noses perhaps put out of joint. Despite the immediacy of instant messaging, or maybe because of it, perhaps,  and group chats, things can get mistaken and overblown.  But that said, the proof of a good friendship, is the ability to have a cuppa tea and put it away, in the past and simply celebrate that things are now improved and hopefully, fingers crossed, there will be no more hospital visits for a very long time.

As I said, I’m too old for this shit.

I have still been painting, although at times I have struggled for inspiration.

Did I end up sharing here the “top secret project”?  Its been so long since I have wandered in here….


This is Cassie and her horse Makushla.  And it was commissioned as a gift to her from her parents for her 18th Birthday.  So happy that she loved it and there were even tears.  Happy ones, she told me.

Since then I have finished the portrait of Hubby20170408_115213_33707718610_o.jpg


Painted this gorgeous country road..fb_img_1495245175467_34901480625_o.jpg


Messed with my knives and acrylic paints..fb_img_1495850408251_34877451526_o.jpg

And just this weekend painted my first humming bird.


The above three are for sale too, if they take your fancy.

It looks like I have been painting furiously, but that is really as it has been so long since I sat down and blogged.  Don’t forget, you can also see all my art on my Instagram and Facebook page – links on the side bar.

So my friends, if there has been anything to be learned from the last month I have been living, apart from don’t muck around with asthma, is that people despite meaning well, can muck up, but the strength of a true friendship is recognising it, acknowledging it and letting it go.

Life is short and unpredictable.  Don’t waste energy on petty stuff, instead, celebrate the wonderful, the colour, and the happiness of good friends and loving caring family.

Don’t be afraid to say I love you  and hug those you love tightly.

And smile, often



After 2 weeks at home, I am now enjoying the last few hours of freedom before I head back to work tomorrow.

Yes, I return to work on a Friday, which is more than a little ridiculous, but is one of the silly quirks of my job.

It has been a lovely couple of weeks.

There has been long lazy indulgent lunches with good friends.  Outings with family.  A morning at a spa being pampered and just a little bit of housework.

And even some painting, of course.

I had a list of things I wanted to achieve.  A lot of it was finishing the unfinished.

Hubby had some time off as well.  Just one week, but it was enough for him to finish the painting of the front of the house.  Tick that job off.

I finally finished a photo book that I had been working on for months.  Our USA trip would you believe?  It only took me 15 months to get it done.  Tick.

Kitchen cupboards scrubbed – tick

Bathroom cabinet cleaned out – tick

A painting that had some bad mojo – dealt with and now no longer a problem, so tick that off too.

Sit on the couch and read a book – tick

Sort and organise the photo files on my computer – done.

My secret painting project is finished, and approved by the purchasers. It just needs to be signed and another painting is also finished.  I am very proud of both of them.

The Rose 12″ square oil on canvas.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So in all it’s been an excellent break.  The windows didn’t get washed but I did have a 4 hour lunch with my bestie. (we may have required the hubby to come and collect us from the winery)

Actually, considering how many lunches that were had, I am hoping that my work pants actually still fit…

It just proves that while travelling to new places is wonderful,  sometimes simply staying at home,  catching up with friends and getting those overdue jobs done, is also a good recipe for a relaxing and sanity saving vacation.

At least for me anyway.

Now to plan the next adventure..



March 2017


It’s been a while and I am not really sure why.

I know I have been busy.  There has been work, of course, it’s been a lovely summer too.

Plenty of time with friends, interacting face to face, laughing, smiling, talking and some tears.

There has been 1st world dramas, a broken air conditioning unit that had me a little stressed for a while.

And there has been paint.

Here is a sample of what has come off my easel so far this year.

There is one top secret project.  A commission that I will have to wait until May to show off but I’m sure you will enjoy seeing all the other stuff I have been playing with.


A lesson in painting fabric and folds…


Helping a dear friend create a banner for her market stall.  She sells delicious traditional english style cakes and pastries.  I have also spent a lot of time, helping on the stall.  So much fun had spruiking and people watching.


Created in a time of pain, therapy in running dripping splashing paint


Big, bold, textural, still a work in progress.  Created with thick acrylic paint, knives and big brushes.


Just a doodle, something I dont do often enough probably.


Also a work in progress…maybe.  I have had a couple of people tell me they love this just as it is.  It’s in oil, thin paint.  Really just the underpainting.  I’m now in two minds whether the continue or leave as is.  I expect I will continue, although I do have other unfinished pieces I can work on until I make up my mind.

This blog has evolved, and changed so much since I started it 7 or so years ago.  As I have.

I have a much clearer idea now, of who I am and what makes me happy.  I am able to express my fears, pain and joy much more easily out loud and fear less that that will make me less likeable.

I wear my weirdness proudly, and continue to push myself out of comfort zones.

This little place in the universe that I created, when I was lost and lonely, has taught me so much.  It has introduced me to so many awesome people all over the world and helped me get to where I am now.  For that I will always be thankful.

Life is good, and I am living it.


Goodbye 2016

These are “Jars of Happiness”.  For holding all the good that happens in 2017

A lot of people across the various  media and friendship groups I am connected to, have declared 2016 to be a terrible year.

So many well known celebrities, are no longer with us, world politics has become somewhat disturbing and of course the weather is all upside down.

On a personal front though, 2016 held it’s challenges and  became a year of learning for me.

Still working this one but we are getting there..

I started the year, struggling emotionally.  I was lost, and  possibly depressed.  Home from my amazing adventure, and straight into the christmas chaos.

I set about clearing the clutter, emotionally as well as physically and even wrote a large list of things I needed to remember to get myself back on top.

It was sad though, that as I began to find myself again, I lost a friendship that I thought would weather the storm, but I learned that some people are more fairweather unless it is me giving them the umbrella or the life line.

But when one door closes, others open.  I found good strong equal friendships in others.  People who not only accepted my weirdness but helped me celebrate it.

People who listened without judgement as I processed all that was going on in my head and in my life.

People who shared laughter and ice cream and glasses of wine while we skyped.

I gave myself permission to be alone.  To be selfish and say “no” when I needed.

Permission to switch off, to sit down, read that trashy romance novel and just chill.

I discovered that walking  is good therapy so I put on my headphones and just walked.

In 2016, I overcame the fear of painting portraits, and of painting in oils.

I think this year has seen me produce some of my best work yet.


I have had fun painting pets and animals, pushing myself and my colours.

A few landscapes also in the mix, again, pushing myself in style and technique.

Painting for pleasure mostly, a bonus if they sold.

And I continue to write here, perhaps not as often as once I did, but still putting words and thoughts down and hopefully bringing smiles to the few who still come and read.

So as 2016 comes to an end, I am grateful for all that she has given me.  The love, the laughter, the learning and  life.

I look forward to new adventures in 2017.  I have plans to paint walls and freshen up the house.  There is talk of travel perhaps to coincide with our 25th Wedding anniversary in September.  Road trip to Canberra perhaps.

With a bit of luck, 2017 will see my boys find full time work and maybe I might even find a new job or direction.

I will continue to paint.  Hopefully sell a few too, although at the moment I am not chasing exhibitions.

In 2017, there will be more smiles and laughter, less giving a fuck about things that really don’t matter and plenty of gratitude.

I wish you all Love, Luck, Health, Happiness and Peace.

Thank you for being part of my world

Happy New Year