July 2017

Its mid morning here, the rain is falling and I am fighting the gloom of my studio with my fancy chrome IKEA light while I wait for paint to dry.

Its been  while since I actually took time to paint before work, but this is a spontaneous fun project with a deadline and so instead of perhaps cleaning the bathroom or vacuuming the cat fluff, I am sitting here with blue paint on my wedding ring and splatters of white across my thumb.

Winter rains have finally arrived and some bright spark at the archery club decided that the annual presentation dinner would be more fun themed.  Beach Party.  Loud tropical style clothing essential.  Bathing suits optional, unless you want a good case of pneumonia and frost bite.  It’s officially chilly Down Under.

So when it is too cold to wear the swimwear, you improvise.  Hence today’s artistic endeavours.

.Not finished but you get the idea, the type of fairground cutouts where you pop your head over the body and take photos.  If I get it finished in time…..

Yeah yeah, skin tones as so wrong its hilarious, but you try painting on large sheets of corrugated cardboard with quick drying acrylic paint and see how well you do..

On a serious art side though, I am doing another pet portrait.

Here is where I am up to.  When all done, I possibly will post a slide show of the progress.  Plenty of tweaking still to do.  Not happy with the mouth but that can be fixed.


His name is “Avon” and he is a friend’s assistance dog.  Lovely ol fella and I am really enjoying painting him.

Ok, onto big news.  Now you that know me on FB wont see this for a bit as we are keeping it a little quiet around certain members of the family (long story, boring, not important) but I have been planning an ADVENTURE.

And again it is kinda spontaneous.

Hubby and I are going to New Zealand for this years holiday.

10 nights touring the North Island and there is a huge possibility that I will even try Ziplining through the forest canopy at Rotorua.

Our itinerary includes Bay of Islands, the wine area of Napier, Auckland and finishing off in Wellington.  All with some fun and quirky accommodation booked.

Where the USA trip was all about my bucket list, this trip is ticking things off for Hubby.  (me too if I am honest).

So in just under 60 days, we are packing the bags, and giving the passports one last outing before they have to be renewed.

I’m excited.  There will be photos.  Most likely on Instagram first so make sure you follow me there.  (link on sidebar and you get all the art photos first too)

Ok, enough self pimping.  Rain has stopped and the sun is struggling through the clouds.  My coffee is nearly drunk and it’s time to clean up.

Wishing you all a great week.

Until we catch up again, keep smiling.

Life is good