Isn’t that a fabulous word and that pretty much describes May 2017.

It was a crazy month.  Filled with family, friends, hospital visits (wasn’t the patient), a touch of sinus (that was me) and a bit of art.

But it has come and gone now and things seem to be settling and I have even had the motivation to go for a walk this frosty morning.

It’s Monday.  Kids are still in bed, Hubby has left for the day and I probably should be cleaning the bathroom.  Yeah, no, not that motivated at this moment.

Of course, after the storm, when the chaos calms, I find myself reflective.

And seriously,

I’m too old for this shit.

A good friend, a bestie really, went down with a serious asthma attack, big time.  It was pretty scary to be honest, as I was the one who took her to the emergency room the first time.

I say first, as what followed was several trips to the hospital, with one even culminating in a 7 day stay as they struggled to control her breathing and get her well.

Blood tests, a test involving a wire into her heart (don’t ask me for the technical stuff), this drug, that drug, omg, it felt never ending, and I was only the one watching on.  Heart breaking at times and very stressful for everyone.

Hence my sinus thing but this really wasn’t about me.

I wasn’t the only girlfriend standing there helplessly watching the struggle.  I have a lovely circle of girlfriends at the moment, 5 of us in total who socialise and look out for each other.  We are all strong, loving women of similar age but all of us are different.

One is a super organiser, another a fighter and I am a bit of a doer.  And we all seem to click, especially over a glass of wine or three.

Sadly, as what can happen in times of stress, there were some misunderstandings, some noses perhaps put out of joint. Despite the immediacy of instant messaging, or maybe because of it, perhaps,  and group chats, things can get mistaken and overblown.  But that said, the proof of a good friendship, is the ability to have a cuppa tea and put it away, in the past and simply celebrate that things are now improved and hopefully, fingers crossed, there will be no more hospital visits for a very long time.

As I said, I’m too old for this shit.

I have still been painting, although at times I have struggled for inspiration.

Did I end up sharing here the “top secret project”?  Its been so long since I have wandered in here….


This is Cassie and her horse Makushla.  And it was commissioned as a gift to her from her parents for her 18th Birthday.  So happy that she loved it and there were even tears.  Happy ones, she told me.

Since then I have finished the portrait of Hubby20170408_115213_33707718610_o.jpg


Painted this gorgeous country road..fb_img_1495245175467_34901480625_o.jpg


Messed with my knives and acrylic paints..fb_img_1495850408251_34877451526_o.jpg

And just this weekend painted my first humming bird.


The above three are for sale too, if they take your fancy.

It looks like I have been painting furiously, but that is really as it has been so long since I sat down and blogged.  Don’t forget, you can also see all my art on my Instagram and Facebook page – links on the side bar.

So my friends, if there has been anything to be learned from the last month I have been living, apart from don’t muck around with asthma, is that people despite meaning well, can muck up, but the strength of a true friendship is recognising it, acknowledging it and letting it go.

Life is short and unpredictable.  Don’t waste energy on petty stuff, instead, celebrate the wonderful, the colour, and the happiness of good friends and loving caring family.

Don’t be afraid to say I love you  and hug those you love tightly.

And smile, often


8 thoughts on “Tumultuous

  1. Social media can be a gift and a curse. There is a riff between Ray and his sister right now because of messaging. So stupid. I remind him that life is too short and never forget to tell your loved ones you love them! Great paintings Trish. Such talent!! Hugs and love XX

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