“F” words


Bet you didn’t think you would see me back here so soon.

I mentioned in my last post that I had been working on a portrait over the weekend but was holding off showing it publicly.  I just needed to show the subject first, and now that I have achieved that, I thought I would pop it here (along with a couple of progress shots).


You can just see my pencil marks in this first shot.  I was blocking in shapes and still doing a lot of measuring and getting placement of the features right.


Working on the contouring of the face and chin.  Eyes are looking good.


Nearly finished.  Letting it sit for a bit while I work out the final tweaks.


Declaring it finished for now.

“Mother Mayhem”  Yes another portrait of my gorgeous friend Dazey Mayhem aka Rabbit aka Micael.

“Fun” was one of the reactions and so I thought it could be “fun” to expand on the whole “F” word thing and ask you my lovely readers to tell me what you think, using words starting with “F”

Bonus points if you make me Google the meaning of the words you use.

Keep smiling




Fucking Awesome at 50

I sat down yesterday, wrote a rambling post about self awareness and blah blah blah and before I could hit “publish”, there was a knock on the door and the arrival of good friends took me away from the keyboard.

And in between the time I hit “save” and now, I thought about what I wrote and decided that I no longer need to fill the pages of this blog with emotional claptrap.

I’m just going to say, where once I would have blogged away pain and angst, and perhaps in the process just picked at the scab instead of finding healing, today I am simply going to say, its all good.

I’m 50 and I am fucking awesome.

And with the years that have passed since I first started this blog, I have become wiser and stronger and more confident in myself and less afraid to face things head on no matter the potential fall out.

We are all responsible for our own happiness, we all make our own choices, face our own consequences and nobody has the right to control who we are.

And now I have said this, I just need to remember and practice it.

Not always easy but doable.

It’s been a while since I have actually put a post here.  Lots of false starts, and quite a few amazing posts created in my head as I have walked.

I have lost 6 kilos since January with my walking.  And it really is probably the reason why I no longer feel the need to vent on my blog.  It is much easier to breathe out the negative energy to the universe as you walk along damp sand watching a beautiful sunset than to try to put words into an understandable paragraph.

Of course my painting is still my main life therapy.  I finished a big one.  A cityscape of streets of New York City.  Inspiration taken from a photo I took on our way to our hotel on the very first night we arrived in the USA.

There is another portrait which I have been working on but at this point I am not going to share it. Next post maybe.

I have three paintings in a local exhibition over Easter.  Fingers crossed they might sell.  It would be nice to have a little extra cash and a little more room in the studio.

Four more shifts until I get a two week break from work.  Really looking forward to the time off.  Not a lot planned.  Hopefully some painting and some outings with friends.

Next class I am starting a painting of my Mother -in-law’s beagle.  Pup is no longer with us but I have a half decent photo to work from and will make a different challenge for a couple of weeks.

And that’s about all I have to talk about today.

Remember, if you are missing me, you can find me on Instagram and most things I put there get shared to Twitter.

There is also my FB art page where all my art eventually ends up.

If you want some of my art in your own home, feel free to email or leave a comment and we can talk. I promise, my prices are always reasonable but you will have to pay freight costs as well. (Might as well do a little self promotion while I am here)

I need coffee..or maybe wine.  It’s been a three day weekend which is almost over.

Keep smiling and be kind to yourself and those around you.