It’s here

As I sit and type this, the clock on the lower right hand side of my screen tells me it is 10.42 pm 19th Oct 2015.

In just over 7 hours I will be hopefully settled into the first seat of my epic journey to the other side of this blue ball we call Earth.

As I said in my last post, sleep tonight isn’t on my list of things to do in these last few hours.

I am really not that sleepy at this point.  I had a good night sleep last night.  Assisted probably by the little white sleeping pill that I decided to test drive before the trip.

Today was all about the final touches.  Bags are packed, labelled and weighed.  Phone is charged but the sim card is removed so don’t try to call me until we get to New York and get a local card.

Ipad is charged, waiting to be slipped into my bag just before we go.

Passports are ready, tucked beside the tickets and the travel documents.

And hubby is sleeping.  Unlike me, he doesn’t have the problem of a brain that wont switch off or the paranoia that every timepiece in the house will suddenly fail to work on the very morning that we just simply can’t be late.

MJ will be taking us to the airport, and like his father has gone to bed already.  He wants to be woken just before 3am so he can shower.

I will need to shower then too.  Luckily we have more than one bathroom.

Shower, wash my hair and dress in my traveling clothes.  Leggings, soft long top, slip on flat shoes.  Comfort dressing.


Apparently the plane might be cold.

It still feels so unreal.  Even with the cases packed in front of me.

Planned for more than twelve months, dreamt about even longer than that.

“One day I will come and stand on your porch” I would say, “Throw gummy bears at your window until you let me in”.

Joked about but never certain I could make it happen.

But I did.  I worked, saved, planned, and overcame the huge hurdle of a reluctant hubby.

The hubby who is now actually excited to be joining me on this wonderful trip.

Last art class on Saturday for a few weeks.  Another quickie, this time inspired by an image posted on Instagram by a long time friend of this blog, Tracy Blowers from

I call it “Serenity”

I am excited about the prospect of new inspiration gained from this trip.  From the big city to the desert, I plan to take as many photographs as I can, hopefully to keep me busy painting well into the new year.

I have tucked my brushes into my case.  There are plans to paint with Micael, and play with makeup.

I’m leaving my sketch book home though, settling for my new colouring book and markers to keep me entertained on the plane.

I did discover that there is an art shop not far from the airport in Phoenix…

11.16pm and NCIS New Orleans on the gogglebox.

Still not sleepy.

The recliner is comfy, and I am enjoying this quiet time I confess.

Some alone time before the enclosed shared space of a 747.  I can only hope we get okay seats.

A half naked bloodied man on the screen, waving a knife around,  No idea why, but “he’s gone”

Not my favourite shows, these police dramas, but it is back ground noise and better than some things on offer.

I’m thirsty, time for some water.  Or maybe another cuppa tea.


Time to finish this off.

Keep smiling, and don’t be afraid to make those dreams happen.


Getting real close now

Funny thing about lists.

They seem to take on a life of their own when you are planning a trip.

And I haven’t even got close to writing a list about what to pack.

8 sleeps, which is probably a lie.  Because I wont sleep the night before.  I actually don’t even plan to.

Flight leaves at 6am.  We need to be at the airport at least 90 minutes before so I will plan to be there at 4am.

Half hour to travel to the airport.

I would be putting the alarm on before 3 am.

Just because.

And with something this important, I would be up fluffing and stressing until midnight at least.

Soooo, why even bother with the whole sleep thing?  It wouldn’t be quality sleep anyway and I have a 15+ hour flight between Sydney and LA to sleep.

Luckily I have friends who know me and have promised to keep me company while my much more sensible hubby peacefully snores for a few hours.

So back to lists…

Tickets – check

Travel money – check

Cases, locks, labels – check check check

SD cards for the thousands of photos, travel adapter because our plugs wont fit in US power points.

New knickers, because I just wont have strangers rummaging through my daggy ones when I go through customs.

I even have hubby almost organised.  He needs walking shoes, should have got them months ago, but hubby doesn’t work that way.

Worst case scenario, we buy them somewhere while we are away, I pack plenty of band aids and he learns a lesson about forward planning…

Yeah, like that is ever going to happen.

So the cases are down, but nothing is in them yet.  Packing really wont happen until next weekend.  Its going to be a challenge.  Much cooler in NYC than in the other places so layers will be the key.

I will confess, there is a good dose of anxiety mixed in with my obnoxious excitement.

Variables I can’t control will always mess with my over organising nature.

Hubby is now getting excited and is keeping me centred as much as he can.

Twelve months or more ago, when I first decided that this trip was something I needed to go, there was so many hurdles I had to jump.   Money, time, his opposition, my own doubts and anxieties.

But I made this happen.  And no matter what this adventure still has in store for me, I will have no regrets.

(Well maybe I might wish I had been able to stay longer, see more, meet more friends, but that only means planning another adventure)

Dreams do come true, they only take commitment to make them happen.

Ok, that said, I know you only come for the pretty paintings anyway


Saturday’s effort.  While I am this close to my trip, I am not starting anything large and complicated that I will only have to walk away from for 4 weeks.

This shell though has been a plan of mine for a while but actually painting it completely intimidated me.

There was a pile of procrastination and delay even at class as I fluffed about doing everything to avoid starting it.

But I like it, a lot, and framed up, I think it would be awesome in someone’s bathroom or beach house.

In other news, I have had a change of heart, and impulsively renewed the domain name this morning so ‘” will continue for another twelve months at least.

There maybe a makeover though, I have come to realise that I need to freshen things up a bit.

But we will worry about that next month.

Afternoon shift this week.  Maybe that has been part of my blogging problems lately. I have much more things to say in the morning.

No matter.  I am smiling, the sun is shining and it is going to be a good day.

This time next week those cases will be filling, and the house will be getting cleaned.  Boys have been told that I will want to return to a neat and tidy house.

Washing machine needs emptying and my coffee cup needs refilling.

Time to get off my butt and get the day happening.


Hugs and smiles








Two weeks tomorrow

and I will be on a plane.

My full time hours have finished and now is the time for the final preparations.

No class this week as we had term break but I never showed off last weeks “quicky”

Yes, a little lizard. Painted in less than half an hour as most of the class was spent on some composition theory.

It needs some adjusting but it is a fun little paint.

Words aren’t happening tonight…

Changes are happening.  I am building a new blog.  (hint lizard happy art)

And although I wont be closing this blog, I am not renewing the domain name this year.

More details when I get my shit together.

I’m not sure how much of my trip I will be blogging as I wont have my laptop with me, but find me on Instagram if you want to follow the adventure.

Hope to be back here again before we leave.

It’s so close now.