mixed emotions

When you are hit with a disappointment, it can be hard to accept that perhaps there are better things ahead.

It can seem a little cliché.  “Everything happens for a reason”  “The universe has another plan for you”.

I didn’t get the job.

And for a few hours, I went through the gamut of emotions.

Until I reached “acceptance”

Beaten by a superwoman apparently.  Who starts with us next week.

And that’s ok.

Just over twelve months ago, I went through the tumultuous experience of the office I was located at, being closed.  It was stressful and awful and at the time, I was hoping to be relocated at an office close to home.

It didn’t happen, and I was disappointed.

But I found myself at the office I am currently working at, and I am so happy.

And the universe this week confirmed that I am where I should be, despite missing out on the full-time job, as the news came through that the other office close to my home would be closing in September.  My heart hurts for the girls who are working there and having to go through what I did last year, while I am quietly thankful that I didn’t get my desire to be placed there after all.

Been a bit of a mixed week in this house.  While Big C is still on the hunt for full-time work, he has moved from “casual” to “part-time” which at least will give him a bit more job security while he continues to apply for a “real” job.

His savings though, took a bit of a hit this week after a slight lapse in concentration resulted in his first minor car bingle.

Bit of a scrape on both cars and while his car will probably bear the scars forever, the car he hit was nicer and newer and Big C coughed up the cash for a bumper respray, taking full responsibility and making his mother proud.

Ok, enough about kids and work.

Here is the art.
Very very close to finished.  Not touching again until class next week.   Have started another but I am not ready to show you that one yet.  (It’s a bit of a mess…)

Each day is another day closer to my grand adventure.  Hubby is finally showing interest, as I google madly and chat online to AT & T.  A customer kindly warned me today that American Airlines are very good at losing luggage (we fly with them twice) and I am now on the hunt for a good pair of walking shoes.

Under 100 days now.  I just wish the Aussie dollar would regain a little bit more value.

Such is life.  It will be amazing, regardless.

Cuppa tea time.  Hubby isn’t home to make it tonight.  He is busy with his bow and arrows.

Until next time.  Keep smiling.


here chook chook chook

It’s bitterly cold and wintery here in little ol’ Adelaide this weekend as some Antarctic weather pattern hits the southern parts of Australia.

No snow in my yard but there actually has been a few falls in the higher areas although I am guessing my friends from the Northern hemisphere would be scoffing at the excitement it has caused in this part of the country.

Personally, I’m not impressed and can not wait for all this dreadful winter stuff to bugger off and let me have some warmth again.

Only one thing to do when it is horrible outside and you have the house to yourself.

No, not that.


So here is the current progress shots on “Are you my mother?”


Still not finished but I have switched from acrylics to oils and I am really very happy with it.

Had my interview for the job on Friday.  Find out tomorrow if I have got it.

Slowly getting over this sinus infection.  At least feeling more human the last couple of days despite the horrible weather.

Trip update. Rental car booked and paid for when we are in Texas. Going to be very interesting driving on the other side of the road.

Now focussing on how we will use our phones and perhaps getting a New York Pass to do the tourist thing properly.

99 days to go……

still here

Thank you

All of you.

Sunday, when I wrote the last post, I was in a dark place.  But you already know that.

Monday, I finally admitted that a huge part of the cloud was the headache I had been ignoring for the best part of three weeks.

Oh it came and went, I would pop a couple of pain pills,  use a nasal spray and just deny that it was there.

It was…inconvenient to admit that my old adversary, the sinus infection, was lurking and so I ignored and carried on.

I am in the process of competing for a new position in the office, permanent full-time work instead of the part-time I currently do.

The Boss had been away on leave, with a wonderful woman filling in, who promptly took to sorting and reorganizing things.

There have also been some administrative changes, minor but still mildly stressful.

Big C is still job hunting, MJ has exams.

We had a house guest,

Late nights, early mornings, little disappointments…the list of stresses goes on.

There have been a pile of good things too.  My exhibition came to an end, one painting sold.  The holiday draws closer and the winter solstice has come and gone and hopefully as the days get longer, they will also get warmer.

So as you can see, there are possibly a few excuses as to why I went a little crazy for a few days as this infection took hold and turned my brain into mush.

And now I am writing this from the warmth of my bed.  My doctor has prescribed some heavy-duty antibiotics, and three days of bed rest.


Day 2 and I am stuck watching “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”.

I am not a good patient.

But stopping and resting makes good thinking time.

And all your lovely words have brightened a miserable few days.

I have no idea in what direction this blog is going.  I am not ready to give it up yet, so if you all don’t mind intermittent posting, I will continue to bring you my art and random musings.

And my holiday adventures.

So thank you all once again.

You are all amazing